Future space for creatives

Workshops, rehearsal rooms, studios… all under one roof. The Brno Creative Center will serve as a base for entrepreneurs from the creative and cultural industries and will help the development of the adjacent area, the so-called Brno Bronx. The Creative Center project aims to develop the creative potential of many talented people from Brno and its surroundings. Thanks to its construction, creators will be able to apply their art directly in Brno, while at the same time they can attract a number of new investors connected to the creative sector. People with creative skills will also be involved in the development of the city, while Brno companies, schools, or scientific and research centers can also benefit from their activity and mutual cooperation. The center will be located in a former penitentiary in the Zábrdovice district near the city center. After years of dilapidation, the penitentiary will finally come to life again after the construction of the creative center.

Part of the building will be used by creators while part of it will become a memorial to its sad history. The public will also find opportunities for leisure activities here by organizing cultural events or running a café and library. Why are we building a creative center on the premises of a former penitentiary? Because it is a large building accessible within a few minutes’ walk from the historic city center which is also easily accessible by public transport. The complex is fully owned by the city and is therefore not burdened by property disputes. At the same time, the penitentiary is one of a number of so-called brownfield sites, i.e. neglected locations, which the creative center project intends to save and find a new use for. The same applies to the immediate surroundings of the penitentiary, which can inspire and encourage the creative center to revitalize.

Budoucí Sídlo kreativců
Source: KAVA Architectural Studio