A worthy background

The conversion of the penitentiary into a creative center is a long process. However, at the end of the process, a dignified facility for Brno’s creators, leisure facilities for the public and a museum section will be created. So what will the prison look like after the complete transformation? Our main goal is to build a center for creative creators from Brno and the surrounding area and to provide them with adequate space, which has been lacking in the city so far. The creative center will thus provide rental studios, rehearsal rooms, workshops, editing rooms or meeting and social rooms. The vision of the Creative Center Brno also includes the location of an incubator for budding entrepreneurs in the creative industries. In addition to creators, we are also thinking of the general public, for whom the penitentiary will provide cultural, community and social services. There will be a café, a multifunctional hall, an exhibition space, a design shop or a library.

Creators do not have to worry about losing touch with reality in their studios and workshops. After the reconstruction, however, the prison will not only be a place for creative activities and meetings. Part of the site will be preserved as a place of memory, commemorating the fate of prisoners sentenced by both the Nazi and Communist regimes. The permanent memorial will serve as a memento of the horrors of both totalitarianism regimes. The planned museum section will undergo sensitive reconstruction and will also be open to the public. It will include an exhibition with information about the crimes committed. All of these plans will lead to the regeneration of a unique brownfield site in the middle of the city and the revitalization of the whole neighborhood, as sensitively as possible. As well as improving the surrounding area, the redevelopment of the penitentiary will also bring new employment opportunities and increase the interest of new types of investors in the whole area.

Source: KAVA Architectural Studio