subsidies for creative people

The objectives of the grant program are to support entrepreneurship and the systematic development of creative industries, to promote Brno’s creative sector at national and international level, to educate the professional and lay public, and to support new activities of creators with benefits for society (e.g. revitalization of public space).

Other welcomed benefits of the program include facilitating the cooperation of individual actors from the creative industries or the involvement of local creators in what we call the innovation ecosystem of the city and the Czech Republic.

We are very sorry, but the official documents and the application are only available in the Czech language. If you want to apply in the subsidy program, contact us.
Business events, trade fairs (presentations throughout the Czech Republic and abroad)
Exhibitions, professional lectures, symposia, workshops, professional articles about the creative sector in Brno, including online events
Public space
Support in retail (redesign of shop windows), design installations, fight against visual smog in public spaces
Specific Targeting
According to the current needs of the city or the needs of the creative sector
Individual applications for funding fall into the following areas. Grants apply to projects implemented both on the territory of the Statutory City of Brno and the Czech Republic, as well as to activities carried out abroad. Project promoters can apply for financial support for up to 50% of the project budget. The maximum amount that creators can reach is always determined by the particular call, as is the total budget of the grant program.
Answers to the most frequent questions about the subsidy program
How “big” does a project have to be?

The size of the project does not matter. What is more important is to meet the criteria of the call; these are listed in the description of the grant program.

Is it necessary for non-business individuals to provide proof of a “Public Register Entry”?

No. Such an applicant need only state in the application: “Not listed in the register”.

How to provide proof of the item “Persons in which the applicant has an interest and the amount thereof”?

Only by listing it on the application.

What does the condition “Type of activity of the applicant” mean?

The type of activity of the applicant is based on the results of the mapping of the cultural and creative industries. There are twelve sectors, which can be found here.

When can I start the project and when will I receive funding?

The project can be implemented, and the funding can be disbursed, once the application is approved and the contract is signed.

Who can be an applicant?

Anyone who is not an evaluator, or any organization that is not established by the City of Brno.

What kind of professional CV does the applicant need to submit?

Professional CV means the CV of the project guarantor, i.e. the person in charge of the project.

Can an applicant submit more than one grant application?

No. Each applicant may submit a maximum of one application.